Hola mis amigos!  The Stewardship Board would like to thank everyone for attending the Cinco de Mayo Chili Cook-Off.  There were about 100 people in attendance for the festivities and for judging the 13 delicious chili recipes.

We started with an ice-breaker clothes pin game, where you had to get people to say “salsa”, “chili” or “hot”.  The one with the most clothes pins won and the prize (a clothesline!) went to Chloe Nestro!  We then judged all the chili, with the Numero Uno place going to Wendy Ferencz’s “Not Chili-Having a Hot Flash”, 2nd place was “Uncle Dougie’s 11th Commandment” (Kalahar) and 3rd place was a tie between “Catie and Nigella’s Favorite Chili” (Tom and Sue Hill) and Mel Branscombe’s “Smooth and Sweet Chili.”  During the judging, Lesley and Emily Kitchener entertained the kids with several fun games.  After the judging, there was some time to grab more of the great chili and other delights supplied by the guests and for conversation with new and old friends. We then continued the fiesta with some dance lessons taught by our own TCC Admin., Cindy Andrzejewski.  Cindy did a great job teaching the kids (big and small) how to do the Mexican Hat Dance and Salsa.  It was enjoyed by both dancers and on-lookers!

Thanks should also be given to Cindy for volunteering her time to make our fiesta a fun one, to our wait staff for keeping the chili flowing – Molly Callahan, Jeremy Hopwood, Allison Lewis, Nicholas Nestro, to Wendy Ferencz and John Rosati for assisting with the preparation and dinner, Sylvia Charron and Andy Durfee for helping with the judging and tallying, and to all who attended, brought food/supplies, helped in other ways and donated to the kitchen renovation.  We collected $795 and donations are still trickling in.

It was a great event for fun and fellowship! 

See you at the next one!  Olé!!