Would you like to joing our Book Group !!  See Link below!!
As part of our sabbatical grant I’m giving away up to 40 copies!  Take a look and see if it interests you.  I hope it does because I think it will give us a great opportunity to gain a more beautiful understanding of God while also providing practices by which we’ll make that understanding a more powerful reality in our bodies, souls, and minds.
The book is designed to be used by a group, but it is also possible to read it (and practice it) on your own.  My plan is to begin a group that will meet together via Zoom for 10 sessions to learn from its pages and share in its simple “soul training” practices.  Our gatherings will last for an hour and we’ll begin on Oct. 18.
You may already have expressed an interest, but please tell me again.  Would you like a book?  Will you join the group?  Please let me know by Sunday, Oct. 3, if at all possible.
I’m really looking forward to doing this with you!
God bless, Tim
I’ll buy it for you!