Sustaining TCC at Our Best

As members of the Trumbull Congregational Church, our common life is rooted in Christ’s greatest commandment – to love God and to love one another. In light of this shared value, we aspire:

  • To seek a deeper relationship with God through prayer, study and service.
  • To honor our cherished traditions as life-giving witnesses to us and to future generations.
  • To encourage hospitality, extending a generous welcome to all our members, friends, and visitors. No one is a stranger here.
  • To grow a church family that embraces diversity within a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.
  • To move beyond simple tolerance toward genuine understanding. We recognize that all people are free to make choices regarding their own personal and spiritual journeys.
  • To listen attentively, seek others’ opinions, and understand that differing values do exist within our church family.
  • To deal with disagreements constructively, communicating with others in a direct, caring, and responsible manner.
  • To recognize that children and youth are a vital part of our church family and to welcome them into all aspects of church life.
  • To express gratitude and support for the staff, church members and friends who volunteer their time and talents in support of the programs and governance of the church.
  • To extend God’s love, through service and outreach, to those in the community and the world, as best as we are able.

Although this document expresses our aspirations, our true commitment exists in our actions. In times of harmony, may it deepen our bonds with one another. In times of conflict, may it guide us in working through our differences.

Adopted at our Annual Meeting on January 25, 2009.