While under the influence of drugs in the afternoon of October 6 a motorist lost control of his faculties, driving through our church lot and across our lawn, crashing through the large church sign that welcomes our community to worship.  Fortunately, Trumbull police and emergency medical personnel rushed to the scene, saving the driver who had overdosed and lost consciousness.  We are fortunate that no one else was injured.  Had the accident happened on another day or time there may have been preschool children in harm’s way, community members who meet for Alcoholics Anonymous, dance school participants, worshipers, youth group members, church school children, or any number of others who are a part of the life of our congregation.

We’ve established this Fundrazr page because we hope to do more than raise funds to repair the considerable damage to our property.  Recognizing the prevalence of substance addiction and its devastating effects on addicted people and their families, we hope to raise awareness and contribute to the recovery and support services that play an invaluable role in the healing process for so many.  This is why we are partnering with The CARES Group and sharing equally the donations that we receive.  The CARES Group offers free, weekly support groups that provide professional facilitation, ongoing education, support services, and recovery resources for parents, families, and community members addressing issues related to substance abuse and addiction.  Learn more at  http://www.thecaresgroup.org.

Similarly, you may find out more about the Trumbull Congregational Church, our open-minded theology, our service-focused outreach, our welcoming fellowship, and our life-giving worship at http://trumbullcc.org.  Please join us in doing God’s work of making that which is broken whole again!  Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.