Critical Conversations

Churches are going through hard times, especially mainline Protestant churches like our own.  TCC has a rich history with great people and much to offer, but we too struggle with finances and attendance numbers.  We want to make sure we are doing everything possible to focus our energies on what matters most to people and what makes the biggest impact on people’s lives.  These discussion groups will help to give us direction, while both affirming the depth of meaning that we find here as well as identifying the deficiencies.  In sharing our personal stories and listening carefully to one another we will also build relationships as we pursue the goal of vitality together.  Let’s enjoy these conversations with one another!  In preparation for your meeting please spend some time thinking about the functions of our church that are most meaningful to you.  Also, please bring a written answer to the question: “Share a time when the church (any church) had a significant impact on your life.”        


We would like 8-10 people at each gathering, but it was suggested that we have up to 20 sign-up slots for each date so that if lots of people pick the same date we can have two meetings at the same time.